Sunday, January 22, 2017

Selling My Kenwood TS-830S Station.

I started my Kenwood station in 2010 with one of my dream radios, the TS-830S.
When I first got my General I searched for my first rig.  I did not know exactly what I wanted. I did like all the Kenwood line especially the TS-530 models since these were more in line with my budget.  I really liked the TS-830 from what I read and what I was told by local hams.

I saved some money and started shopping.  I bought my first rig in 2006, a Yaesu FT-101ZD. It did all I wanted.  It was owned my one of my Elmers.  It cost less than a Kenwood on line.  Even though I like the FT I still wanted a Kenwood.

In 2010 a friend who also was in the same radio club where I belong decided to sell his Kenwood TS-830S.  It only took me a few minutes to get to his house and try the radio.  A trip to the house for the money and I had my start to my dream station, a TS-830S.

After I became familiar with using this radio I decided to buy some of the other accessories with the intent to complete the Kenwood station.  I even hoped to get a TL-922.

I used this for SSB and CW with a straight key.  I have several straight keys that I use including a twin to the one I am including in the sale.

Here are more photos:
This is the entire station.  The black objects in plastic bags are original Kenwood riser feet.

TS-830S with optional KB-1 knob.  Not sure if it is a Kenwood or K4EAA.

Rear panel.  Kenwood does not have a way to decode the serial number for date of manufacture.
 Most of the date codes on the ICs are mid-1986.  Those are the only dates I could find.

Carrying handle is in great shape.  Does not make the radio work any better.  It does make it look better.

This is the scratch I mentioned in my for sale post on Ebay.

All the filters are installed and work properly.

AT-230 Top.  There is a small scuff mark.

More pictures are available on request via email showing output power.

I will also be listing more Kenwood amateur radio equipment as I have some duplicates of some of my equipment and some equipment not shown on the first photo.


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