Sunday, November 20, 2016

Moving my web site to this blog

I've not been very active on keeping my site current nor this blog.  However since I am not going to redesign my site to fit the forced into touch screen and phone screen crap by my provider I will be moving all  that I can from the site to this blog as time permits.

The new site format is no different than this blog format and the blog is provided by Google at no cost to me.  So I will not have my own domain, but I can always do that should I choose.

I know by the email I get that many hams visit the mast, portable operating, emcomm, and FAA amplifier pages.  Those may be on the Wayback Machine site.
Sorry for the inconvenience of closing my site.

Those using my site email will no longer get replies because that email is now out of service.

There is also a fictitious members area that is a default display from my provider. It does nothing and may even link to a different site as I found playing around with it.

Finally, there is enough time to be on the air or on the PC and on the radio is what I enjoy so the blog may still not be as active as it should be.

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