Friday, December 9, 2016

Military Masts Part 2, Guys and Guy Plates

Guy attachment plates:
These can be made from large stainless steel flat washers. I copied the MX-378/U guy plate for the MS-44 mast sections. Part number 92141A041 from McMaster-Carr ( is a 3.25: O.D. flat washer for a 1.5" screw. It has an inner diameter of 1-9/16". This works for the fiberglass and the aluminum poles.

The MS-44 mast section male end has a smaller outside diameter. It is only 1.325" so for the MS-44 I used 92141A049. This washer also has an O.D of 3.25", but it is for a 1.325" screw so it has an I.D. of 1.5"

Both of these washers are .140" thick which is nearly twice as thick as the MX-378/U.

The hole pattern is the same as the MX-378/U. If the military uses 4 guy ropes then that must be the safe way. Besides this gives 5th hole to attach a pulley for raising / lowering the antenna.

Hole size, circumference, and pattern will be detailed as soon as I can post a drawing of them.

Remember if you make things for your mast YOU are responsible for your actions and the parts used. What is on this site is what I use. Anything can fail. Failure of a mast can be just a mast falling and damaging itself to a catastrophic event.

Here is a comparison of one of the homebrew guy plates beside a G.I. MX-378/U guy plate.