Sunday, July 3, 2011

Adding more to the blog.

The search engines are finally or perhaps already finding this blog.  Thought a bit of revising should be in order.  I added a photo of what my station looked like as I added a few accessories to my FT-101ZD a few months after I placed it on the air.  My operating area was much less cluttered then and so was the room housing it all.

That reminds me of a good topic.  Clutter.  Not much of a radio subject, but something I learned at a very young age.  If there is a space -- fill it!  Whether it be a room, cabinet, closet, tool box or work bench.  I had a few good teachers for this.  My grandfather's garage, my mentors work bench and shop, my mentor in commercial radio with his shop (and many other areas) and work bench and the work areas at many radio stations.  After awhile one becomes proficient at pushing things aside on the bench to make room to pile on more.

The problem is then incomplete projects get burried, set aside or even worse removed from the bench and put somewhere and never get completed.

The moral of all this: keep the workbench clear and organized with only what can be completed on it and complete that one or two things at a time.

Now if I could apply that philosophy to my radio room and garage!  The radio room is a mess normally (I never show that part on photos) and for those who remember Fibber McGee, well my garage is like his closet.

So much for now.

For those in the USA have a great Independence Day!

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