Saturday, July 2, 2011

More on Field Day

May seem odd to post about an event that took place last weekend.  Well this week end finished up my work on Field Day 2011.  The Blazer is finally empty. I start in winter.  It takes a few days in winter to make anything new and maintain anything from the previous event.  Nice thing about living in FL the winters are a great time to do outside things.  In VA it was usually fine if there was no snow on the ground, but in PA it generally was too blustery cold to do many things outside.

So for now the ropes are wound, the ground spikes cleaned, the antenna wires and coax all wound, the masts and all other accessories tagged, inventoried and stored ready for another use.  The radio, key, microphone and all the station items back in the station.  Now to make the operating position look once again like it appears on or in the photo on my Home Page, QRZ and eyeball cards.

So with the storing of all the stuff from this year it is time to note what can be done better and plan to do some work over the winter and get ready for 2012's 3 weeks (gather & load the week prior, use one week end, and put it all away the following) of Field Day.  Really it is more counting things that get done through the year.  It is all part of amateur radio and being prepared.  In Florida that is a constant endeavor due to hurricanes and in some places wild fire.  Maybe next year I will work Field Day myself and work QRP.

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