Saturday, July 2, 2011

This should have been posted at the start of the blog

In June we lost 2 greats in electronics, analog electronics.  You know the kind that takes a bit of work as opposed to digital.  ( I have said that about analog vs. digital ever since college and I say the same about tubes except that we have a gargantuan amount of stuff that could never be if all we had were tubes, but tube audio and radio gear still sounds better than solid state and it is great fun to design around and work on)

Jim Williams passed away in early June and ironically Bob Pease died about 2 weeks later on his way home from Jim's memorial service.

Both will be greatly missed and I will especially miss Jim's articles on linear design and Bob's monthly Pease Porridge in EDN.

There are many great articles from these fellows on line and some fine video of Jim on YouTube.

I cannot write much about either man.  There are several obituaries posted.  Search on either name and if you never heard of these men you will learn something.  For those who knew them through their writing a new appreciation.
For those who knew them personally a great big loss.

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