Saturday, July 9, 2011

Digital Photography

I have a brief page on my website about my webtography (yep another one of my made-up words).  The digital photography I do for web postings.  Most of it is sloppy as compared to any real (film) photography I have done and I still do.  However, for on line it works & digital photography is quick and easy.

As I was searching for some information on one of my view cameras I came across a website for those like myself do not like to spend exaggerated sums of my hard earned money on stuff I can build or acquire for next to nothing or even free (check out and look for your city or a city near you).  The site is for do-it-yourself photographers.

I spent quite a bit of time exploring the home made items on there.  Some I have already made before knowing of this site.  One of the neat places is the lighting section.  I have done many kinds of lighting through the years.  Much of it was in automated machine vision inspection.  The requirement is quite like the super macro photography I do for some of my web posts and the other is diffuse lighting where soft light without shadows is needed to make a flatly lit subject whether it be a portrait, a still-life, or to show some fine detail in a product or tooling, or for an item to be posted on line.

If you like photography, like to save money and like to make things the DIY Photography site is loaded with plenty of information and it is all free.  Sometimes there is not real detail in building an accessory, but there is enough shown that anyone with basic hand tools should be able to make their own item(s).

Why a post on photography on a ham radio blog?  Why not my original thoughts of expanding on the Morse Code?  Well, there may be someone out there that wants a few pointers on doing table top digital photography to sell the extra rig or microphone or close-up of their new QRP circuit or what ever reason.  Take a bit extra time to make a better photo to post and the item may sell faster or at a better price.  As Fred R. Barnard once said, " A picture is worth a thousand words."  (yea, he originated it; not Confucius some were along the line it became attributed to the Chinese fellow)

Also check out Chuck Adams, K7QO, Lab Notebook.  I got the idea for my cameras from his site and even learned some of his QRP construction techniques.  Chuck has a very interesting site.

BTW the sheet metal punch he notes is no longer in the Harbor Freight catalog, but a similar one for about $30.00 is available from Wholesale Tool.
Check out their entire catalog.  I get nothing for mentioning them.  I buy from them and they have good prices and great service even on hard to find items that I could not find at several other major well known suppliers of similar wares.


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